Dr. Youn: The Age Fix – Expert Tips To Look Younger Without Surgery

Dr. Youn - The Age FixDr. Anthony Youn, board certified plastic surgeon and member of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, is considered one of the country’s foremost experts in beauty and anti-aging treatments.?? In the??PBS special The Age Fix, he shares expert tips and secrets that could save us thousands of dollars in office fees and surgery costs that will make us??look and feel younger. He tells us of??simple treatments and home remedies that will help us with age spots, wrinkles and under eye pockets.??And what changes to our diet that??will make us look younger on the outside while making us feel younger on the inside. He will also tell us what he feels is the best anti-aging cream we can buy!! 818-449-8329

Dr. Youn: The Age Fix – Become Younger From Inside Out

Body-RechargeIn his PBS special The Age Fix, Dr. Anthony Youn , Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, member of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery and one of the country’s?? foremost experts in beauty and anti-aging treatments, says one thing he has learned in the past 16 years of doing plastic surgery is that being healthy is the key to being young. ??Our lifestyles as well as our genetics play a role in how well we age. In this Public Broadcasting Special,?? Dr. Youn tells us of the lifestyles activities that he calls “Age Wreckers”?? that will age and make us look older and “Age Fixers” that will actually make us feel and look years younger! Continue reading “Dr. Youn: The Age Fix – Become Younger From Inside Out”

Dr. Fuhrman: Eat To Live. Nutritarian Diet Plan. Can Reverse and Heal Your Chronic Disease.

Dr. JoFuhrman-EatToLiveel Fuhrman does it again!??In his??new PBS special??Eat To Live!, ??Dr. Fuhrman, board-certified family physician and nutritional researcher, and the author of six national bestsellers shows us how??we can reverse our chronic high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, lose weight for good and put to bed our cancer concerns …??and??without medication! For the past 25 years, he has researched the science behind reversing disease through nutritional methods…using food as medicine!…and has developed an easy and life changing way which he calls the Nutritarian Diet that will add many quality years to your life. ??But can’t conventional medication cure our diseases and add years to our lives? Continue reading “Dr. Fuhrman: Eat To Live. Nutritarian Diet Plan. Can Reverse and Heal Your Chronic Disease.”


Dr. FuMicronutrientshrman explains in his??new PBS special??Eat To Live!, that a Nutritarian Diet is one in which we consume??foods that are naturally rich in??micronutrients. ??Fuhrman says these micronutrients (vitamins and minerals, antioxidants and phytochemicals) provide us with natural protection against disease!??These nutrients enables the body to function properly, to heal and recover from disease.??And what are the foods naturally rich in these protective and healing properties? No surprise! Natural whole vegetables, beans, nuts and seeds!??For those who have adopted the??Nutritarian Diet Plan,?? Dr. Fuhrman has seen firsthand patients who have changed their lives from serious disease??and??drug dependent conditions to a complete reversal to drug free good health.??He says: 812-412-9343

Dr. Fuhrman: Eat To Live. Is Prescription Medication Dangerous to your Health?

MelatoninIn the??PBS special??Eat To Live!, ??Dr. Joel Fuhrman, board-certified family physician,?? nutritional researcher, and bestselling author explains??how??we can reverse heart disease, diabetes, and ease our cancer concerns by using food as medicine instead of treating disease with drugs!…??Dr. Fuhrman goes on to explain that actual long term prescription drug treatments and some common modern medical procedures not only are not always effective, but may not prevent death! Based on scientific fact, Fuhrman says the best way to completely reverse??chronic disease to the point of no longer needing medication is by adopting his??“Nutritarian Diet”. Why are drug treatments not effective in the long term and are dangerous to your health? Continue reading “Dr. Fuhrman: Eat To Live. Is Prescription Medication Dangerous to your Health?”

Dr. Fuhrman: Eat To Live. A Nutritarian Diet vs Blood Pressure Medications.

Dr Oz - Heart Healthy Numbers You Should KnowDuring Dr. Joel Fuhrman’s PBS special??Eat To Live!, Fuhrman explains that unfortunately doctors do not keep up to date on the most current scientific advances. ??The fact that the overuse of blood pressure medication can increase your risk of death is almost never discussed! The only way to lower blood pressure into a safe range without risk of life is with diet, not drugs. How does blood pressure work? Dr. Fuhrman explains. (302) 765-1783


Testing your blood sugarIn the PBS special??Eat To Live!, Dr. Joel Fuhrman reminds us of the epidemic of diabetes in this country. He says many of the drugs that are used to lower blood sugar actually cause diabetes to get worse in the long run as people use these drugs for years. They may lower the glucose in the short run but in the long term, ??you will gain weight, push the failing cells in the pancreas that produce insulin to work harder, thus advancing and worsening your diabetes over time. But over the past 25 years of research, Dr. Fuhrman??has observed that his??Nutritarian Diet Plan will not just improve your diabetic blood sugar, but will wipe it out and make you non-diabetic. ?? Continue reading “Dr. Fuhrman: Eat To Live. A Nutritarian Diet vs Diabetes Medication.”


Aortic Valve ReplacementDuring the PBS special??Eat To Live!, Dr. Joel Fuhrman expresses the futility of angioplasty and stent placements for those with stable coronary artery obstructions. He explains that since atherosclerotic plaque blankets most vessels in the heart like peanut butter spread through??and through, stretching open a narrow segment with the balloon does not address the many other areas that contain dangerous levels of plaque which may cause a heart attack.??But a Nutritarian Diet will melt away those obstructive and vulnerable plaques. Continue reading “Dr. Fuhrman: Eat To Live. A Nutritarian Diet vs Heart Disease and Angioplasty.”

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Dr Amen-Warnings Signs of Brain TroubleNew York Times best selling author and psychiatrist??Dr. Daniel Amen,??known for his brain imaging approach to treating disorders of the brain, say many people unknowingly may have the controversial condition ADD, which is associated with behavioral problems in kids. ??That our disorganization or lack of concentration may be a symptom of ADD and that we could be feeling a lot better if it was being treated properly. In his PBS special Healing A.D.D. Dr. Amen and his wife, nurse and best selling author Tana Amen help us to determine if we may actually be suffering from ADD ourselves and??dispel some popular myths surrounding ADD. We also learn of the different types of ADD and the importance of targeting treatments to each specific type.??They give an overview of the 505-670-8402 approach to treating these individual types of ADD. (905) 543-4534

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Brain HealthyA.D.D (Attention Deficit Disorder) also known as A.D.H.D (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) is a modern day disorder with no shortage of controversies. Since the condition is commonly associated with the behavioral issues of school age children, ADD is an important subject of concern for many of us. In his PBS Special Healing A.D.D.,??Dr. Daniel Amen, psychiatrist and??New York Times best selling author,??shares his knowledge and experience gained from??23 years of researching brain disorders through the SPECT scan imaging method. Along with his wife Tana Amen, nurse and best selling author, they cover many areas of concern including the very controversial issue for many parents, “Medication or No Medication.”??The Amens tell us that the use of medication, though sometimes necessary, should not be the first and only option. They tell us of natural strategies through diet and lifestyle changes that will greatly enhance the treatment of ADD.??That when diet, exercise and behavioral strategies are in place, they can significantly lower any need for medication. Continue reading “Dr. Daniel Amen: Healing A.D.D. – Natural and Lifestyle Remedies”